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Japanese release for “Invocation” album!

September 4th, 2010

Hey everyone,

We are please to be able to announce that “Invocation” will be receiving a domestic release in Japan on September 15th, at last! The album will be coming out via the good people at Spiritual Beast and you can find more details about the release and the label here:


We are super happy to have found a new partner for our album/s in Japan and will certainly try to return for a third touring visit of the country at some point sooner or later, after we haven’t played there since 2005!

The Japanese release of “Invocation” will come with an alternate colouring of the cover artwork (sort of the ‘post-apocalypse version’…) and include four (!) additional bonus tracks. The complete tracklisting of the release is as follows:

DEW-SCENTED – “Invocation” CD / Japan Version:
01) Downfall (1:46)
02) Arise From Decay (4:38)
03) The Invocation (3:38)
04) Have No Mercy On Us (4:37)
05) Artificial Life (3:45)
06) Condemnation (3:05)
07) Totem (1:06)
08) Torn To Shreds (3:48)
09) Revel In Contempt (4:01)
10) A Critical Mass (4:43)
11) Global Hysteria (4:29)
12) Slaves Of Consent (6:20)

Bonus Tracks:
13) Recall The Pain (1:08)
14) The Death Of Common Sense (3:44)
15) Slaughterhouse (4:31)
16) Superstar Destroyer (2:56)

The bonus tracks are the own songs “Recall The Pain” (Instrumental) and “The Death Of Common Sense” as well as 2 cover versions that we also recorded during the main album session. “Slaughterhouse” by US-Power-Thrashers POWERMAD and then the track “Superstar Destroyer” by GENOCIDE SUPERSTARS from Sweden.

In other news, we have just finalized all extra work (liner notes, layouts, etc.) for the back-catalogue album re-releases that will be available in the coming weeks (more news and exact details soon!) and have finally also received the last details about the Italian tour
for the end of October. Look out for an announcement of the dates next week!

Keep it heavy!



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