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Split 7“ EP with WARBRINGER out now!

June 17th, 2010

Hey everyone!

Just a quick one to let you know that the WARBRINGER / DEW-SCENTED Split 7“ EP release is out now!

This split release with one of Thrash Metal’s brightest new hopes, WARBRINGER, is the second edition of the newly launched „Imperial Anthems“ series via Cyclone Empire (www.cyclone-empire.com). The release is limited to 500 handnumbered copies in heavy-quality, multi-colour splatter vinyl, including printed text & photo inlay with linernotes of both bands. The 7” features DEW-SCENTED’s „Arise From Decay“ track in its pre-production demo version from 2009 as well as a rather old and rare cover version of DISCHARGE’s classic „Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing“ track, which we originally recorded during the „Ill-Natured“ album sessions in 1999. WARBRINGER appear with „Jackal“, the savage opening track of their current album „Waking Into Nightmares“, as well as their rare cover song of UNLEASHED’s „Execute Them All“.

To order your copy of this cool release please visit Cyclone Empire’s webshop: www.metal-recycler.de

Or feel free to contact us directly, as we have some good amount of copies here as well! We also have some new DEW-SCENTED shirt designs, so just get in touch and ask us for more details…

Next Stop: Hellfest in France this weekend! Stagetime for DEW-SCENTED is 10:30 AM (!) on Saturday, 19th of June. Stellar festival line-up, so hopefully the weather will also be on our side! See you there!

Have a great one,

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