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New Found Year & Atak Show!

January 7th, 2010

Hey everyone!

Happy new year 2010! May it be a heavy and intense one in a good way for all of us ;-)

We are working on the last details of the songwriting for the new album at full speed right now. We start recording February 1st, so look out for messages from the studio when we begin!

Just wanted to check in briefly now to tell you that Bolt Thrower have announced the show with support by Asphyx, Rotting Christ and Dew-Scented on April 29th in Enschede’s Atak venue to be a really special one. Read their newspiece at www.boltthrower.com or as excerpt here:

BOLT THROWER has always had a special bond with the Atak Club in Enschede, Holland…

In 2009, Atak moved to a new building and now we would like to celebrate our first show in the new Atak with another special free show. After talking to the guys from Atak and our favourite beer brewery Grolsch, who are also from Enschede, we came up with the following:

The show will be on April 29, and ASPHYX, ROTTING CHRIST and DEW-SCENTED will be joining us on stage. But to stop people just ordering tickets and then not turning up, we will be asking for a 5-euro ‘deposit’ .Then at the show you will get a special ‘No Grolsch, No Glory’ BOLT THROWER t-shirt and a flip top bottle of Grolsch beer!

The new Atak is capped at 800 people, so if you want to help celebrate a new chapter in the BOLT THROWER / Atak history, you’d better hurry up and get your tickets: www.atak.nl/tickets/26308

Alright guys, feel warned anout this special show and the only way to access the tickets!
Be quick or be…well, at another show instead! ;-)

Take care in 2010!


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