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December 3rd, 2009


Hey everone!

Why lie? We have been ‚slow’ and also distracted as far as public relations

But that’s because we are busy…

First of all, thanks to everyone who attended and shared some good times at the last bunch of shows we played. Especially returning to our former D-S home-base Braunschweig to meet our old companions in the other bands (Disbelief, Fleshcrawl and Undertow) but also in the audience (Flo and Antek – Good luck launching Nemesis Love Cult!) was pretty cooll! Playing in Reutlingen again after some years was nice too…Cheers to Casket and our buddies Jagger, Schenk and Bomber for the fun halloween evening! Oh and i shouldn’t forget the killer day at Way Of Darkness festival in Lichtenfels!
Seeing and meeting up again with Cannibal Corpse, Malevolent Creation, Obscura and many more was FUN and wow, what a huge amount of people and good drinks, hahaha! This one ruled and we can’t wait to come back!

Most recently, DEW-SCENTED has been spending time incarcerated in the rehearsal room bunker working on new material for the next album. We did some really good studio pre-production recordings in the Summer and are now soon to complete the songwriting for our 8th studio release! We have booked Soundlodge Studios for February 2010 and will have Jörg Uken (God Dethroned, Obscenity, Despondency, Sinister, etc) work on getting us the heaviest sound possible. Jörg hasn’t only already worked with D-S numerous times before as our live-sound engineer but he also recorded „Incinerate“. That said, the quality he reached on the new pre-production kills all the way!!! The new material is turning out really strong…very direct, refreshing and of course super aggressive! We nailed down 2 new songs this weekend and now there’s only another couple of songs left to go. We have also finally agreed on the choice of bonus cover songs. Expect some cool surprises…

Some new song titles? „Arise From Decay“, „Artificial Life“, „Condemnation“, „Revel In Contempt“ are some of the first confirmed…

Here are some pics from us rehearsing this weekend (yeah some bands actually still rehearse, hahaha)…

Aaaaaand two final shows for DEW-SCENTED this year: December 11th, Pirmasens / Germany and December 12th, Lucerne / Switzerland.

Come out and pre-celebrate X-Mas with us!

CU soon,

LJ / D-S

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