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The DEWs at german TV show

June 27th, 2008

Hey everybody…

Thought we would send you some Summer greetings and re-cap a little since it’s been silent over here in the last weeks and people are starting to wonder what’s up…

Well, the usual: Some touring, some watching of the European soccer championship, some line-up trouble and then being part of a TV quiz show. But let’s walk through slowly

First off, we would like to look back to our February “European Devastation” run with our friends Severe Torture and Destinity: What a blast! It was straining to play longer headline sets every night but we seriously enjoyed all dates and seeing so many good people come out to support this killer package! Can’t wait to do something like that again, so thanks to everybody involved! Also thanks to our former drummer Uwe for re-joining us on those dates for some class METAL and good times!

Then we went to Malta for two shows in March. A first for us there: Great country, awesome people! Loved it and hope we will return one day soon! These were the last shows with us for Uwe again, so we had some good partying!

Andi came back to drum for us at shows in April and May and then we also ended up being part of a quiz show with the whole band on national TV here in Germany. We were “special” guests with the full band at the RTL daily quiz show “Einer gegen Hundert” (Translates to “1 vs. 100”) (http://www.rtl.de/tv/tv_963090.php) and had a fun ride trying to answer tons of questions the right way ;-) Our appearance(s) as special audience-candidates (No, we aren’t performing music there, we are “Metalhead-Guests”…) will be broadcasted between Monday June 30th and Tuesday July 8th on RTL at 5 PM. Check it out if you are from Germany or have access to this channel! Here is a photo of Dew-Scented with quiz-show host Wolfram Kons.

So, what’s next? Well, we are currently fixing some line-up trouble (We will tell you more about it soon…), which is why we are a bit hidden underneath the surface and staying busy in our new rehearsal room. Also, we have some shows coming up as follows, so hope to see some of you there:

FR 18.07. Kaltenbach / Spital Am Semmering (Austria) – Kaltenbach Open Air / www.kaltenbach-openair.at
FR 15.08. Budapest (Hungary) – Sziget Festival / www.szigetfestival.com
FR 29.08. Wörrstadt / Mainz (Germany) РNeuborn Open Air Festival / www.noaf.de
SA 30.08. Losheim (Germany) – Stausee Losheim / Rock Area Festival / www.rockarea-festival.de

It’s a bit slower than normally for us this Summer, but we are re-grouping in order to be absolutely ready for the attack soon again and have loads of international tourdates in the works to be announced soon. Watch out…

Until then, take it easy but keep it heavy,


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