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Been silent for too long…

November 26th, 2008

Hey Thrashers…!

Been silent here for too long….

We wanted to bring to your attention that DEW-SCENTED’s line-up underwent major changes earlier this year, as the people who have met us or seen us live ever since will probably have noticed!? But we never really officially announced things…until now:

After long years of co-operating fruitfully, it was time for a change and consequently we parted ways with guitarplayers Florian Müller and Hendrik Bache. It just happened to become the best of choices for the band’s future. We did immediately enter an intense rehearsal period to get the band regrouped smoothly and were lucky to quickly find a highly motivated and extremely talented new guitar-duo with Michael Borchers and Martin Walczak. Welcome on board, dudes! Adding up to the work behind closed doors, we also tracked down a new steady drummer in Marc-Andrée Dieken, finally ending a lengthy time of uncertainty and session drummers. Marc is surely a “familiar” face to some of you as he already helped us out as live-drummer for a while back in 2004 and also he played together with bassplayer Alex for death metallers Obscenity.

We already debuted live in this line-up after some first few weeks of rehearsing at Kaltenbach festival in July and have ever since played some really cool shows throughout Germany, Austria, Turkey, Hungary and last but not least Spain. The Milwookis festival in Spain (Thanks a lot for having us there, it was a blast! Cheers to our buddies in Disbelief and Angelus Apatrida for the good time!) also marked our last show for this year 2008, as we will take some weeks off to work on ideas for new material and also to be ready for the challenges that await us in 2009. It has been a great ride so far in this new shape / line-up and we are sure it will lead to some really killer new compositions too, so we can’t wait to share more METAL with all of you soon.

We have quite some nice festival shows in the works for 2009, a return to play in Portugal in January and have also been confirmed to finally debut on Greek stages. We will play on Thursday, February 26th in Thessaloniki at “Eightball Club” (with Psycho Choke & Drunkard) and then at Friday, February 27th in Athens at “Texas-Necropolis Club” (with Suicidal Angels, The Great Black & Damned Creek). Hope to see you there, fellow Thrashers of Greece!

Here is an overview of all coming shows confirmed so far for 2009:

DEW-SCENTED Live 2009:

SA 03.01. Strullendorf / Bavaria (Germany) – Hauptsmoorhalle / “Winterbreath Festival”
+ Heaven Shall Burn, Illdisposed, Paradox, Hatesquad, Enemy Of The Sun, Paradox, Hackneyed, Dryrot, etc.

SA 10.01. Mangualde / Porto (Portugal) – C.C. Santo André / “Hard Metal Festival”
+ Avulsed, Rato Raro, Angriff, Revolution Within, The Godiva, Mons Lunae, Alcoholocaust, etc.

SA 24.01. Köln (Germany) – Bogen2 / “Euroblast Festival Vol. 3”
+ Obscura, etc.

SA 14.02. Mainburg / Bavaria – (Germany) – Stadthalle / “Down In Flames Festival”
+ Drone, Hackneyed, Contradiction, Ultrawurscht, Rotting Empire, Dead Emotions, Metal Raign, etc.

TH 26.02. Thessaloniki (Greece) – Eightball Club
+ Psycho Choke & Drunkard

FR 27.02. Athens (Greece) – Texas-Necropolis Club
+ Suicidal Angels, The Great Black & Damned Creek

FR 17.04. Moorhusen / Aurich (Germany) – Diskothek Thun
+ Hackneyed & Battue

SA 18.04. Chalons En Champagne (France) – Le Contrepoint / “DT Prod Festival VII”

SA 13.06. Hauptmannsgrün / Vogtland (Germany) – “Chronical Moshers Festival”
+ Fall of Serenity, Wizzard, Thornesbreed, Deny The Urge, Defloration, etc.

More gigs to be announced soon…

As far as DEW-SCENTED’s ex-members Flo and Hendrix are concerned, they have a new band going with our good friends Ercüment (Tephra) and Antek (ex Such A Surge / Revolver). They are called Nemesis Love Cult and you can check out some of their cool new songs at: www.myspace.com/nemesislovecult

What else is new? Oh yeah, the DEW-SCENTED myspage profile has been slightly re-designed (Thanks, Zak!) with some info on the new members already and we will keep adding stuff (more live pictures, maybe live-videos, etc.) very soon. The official website will also get a new layout and up-to-date presentation for 2009…

Until then, enjoy the winter and take it easy but keep it heavy,


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