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May 10th, 2015

DEW-SCENTED’s 10th (!) studio album is completed!


The record is entitled “Intermination” and sounds more focused and determined than ever before.

This time around we worked with Dan Swanö / Unisound Studio for the mix as well as with Gustavo Sazes / for the artwork and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results we achieved.

You can now check out the album´s opening track “On A Collision Course” here: here: or here:…/dew-scented-on-a-collision…/s-PbYmP

Check out the European pre-order section (including a bundle option) at:

For North American orders, please visit:

“Intermination” will be released in June via Metal Blade Records in Europe on June 12th/15th and Prosthetic Records in North America on June 30th.

Standard tracklisting:

DEW-SCENTED – “Intermination” (46:19)
1. Declaration Of Intent (1:00)
2. On A Collision Course (3:49)
3. Scars Of Creation (3:46)
4. Affect Gravity (3:56)
5. Means To An End (4:41)
6. Ode To Extinction (4:05)
7. Demon Seed (3:48)
8. Power Surge (3:53)
9. Ruptured Perpetually (3:35)
10. Living Lies (4:19)
11. Atavistic (3:38)
12. Reborn (3:32)
13. Radiation Sickness (2:05) *Repulsion cover

Stay tuned for more details throughout the coming days…


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