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First song of „Invocation“ online at MySpace and live-version from Portugal on YouTube; Post new promotional band photo!

April 19th, 2010

We are glad to finally present you a new song off our upcoming new album ‘Invocation’. Please go to: to check out “Arise From Decay”.

Vocalist Leif comments about the new song: “We are happy to finally be able to debut a new song for all of you to hear! “Arise From Decay” is the new album’s opening track (after the instrumental intro piece “Downfall”) and a really good representation of not only what the album is all about, but also of what DEW-SCENTED sound like in 2010. “Arise From Decay” combines many of the band’s ‘trademark’ elements into a straight forward and pretty vicious song. This song was actually one of the first fully finalized tracks when we started writing the “Invocation” album with the band’s new line-up and we have already been playing it live for a while now with great response. Enjoy!”

Here is also a live version of „Arise From Decay“ from the great show we played at Moita Metal Fest in Portugal last month:

Alternatively you can look out for the new issue of Germany’s Rock Hard Magazine (hitting stores this week!), as it features „Arise From Decay“ on its promotional compilation CD as well. „Invocation“ will be released May 21st in Germany and May 24th in the rest of Europe via Metal Blade Records as well as on May 25th in North America via Prosthetic Records.

Additionally, we would like to show you one of the new promo photos we shot for „Invocation“:

The new pics were done by Tim Klöcker

(Thanks for the great work!) and this specific one here features the band’s line-up as follows (from left to right!):

Michael Borchers – Rhythm & Lead Guitars
Marc-Andree Dieken – Drums
Alexander Pahl – Bass
Martin Walczak – Rhythm Guitars
Leif Jensen – Vocals

Anyhow, enough talk! We look forward to hearing YOUR thoughts on the new song…


PS: Man kann übrigens ab jetzt auch „Invocation“ als limitierte Version (Digipak mit 2 Bonus Tracks!) oder als exklusives Bundle mit einem T-Shirt (M/L/XL) bei EMP vorbestellen.

„Invocation“ Digi (12,99 Euro): Invocation

„Invocation“ Digi + T-Shirt (23,99 Euro): Invocation

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„Invocation“ CD Release Show on June 4th – Important Update!!!

April 10th, 2010

Northern German Thrash Metallers DEW-SCENTED will be releasing their much anticipated new studio album “Invocation” on May 24th via Metal Blade Records in Europe and May 25th via Prosthetic Records in North America. Next to supporting Bolt Thrower in April/May as well as Atheist in June, DEW-SCENTED’s upcoming live plans include a very special CD release show in Bremen (Germany) at the „Tower“ club on Friday June 4th, 2010.

Unfortunately, the previously announced appearance of God Dethroned has been cancelled again by the band due to scheduling conflicts.

Anyhow, we can now proudly announce that longtime friends and 2008 touring partners SEVERE TORTURE from The Netherlands will be playing instead.

SEVERE TORTURE not only feature former DEW-SCENTED session axeman Marvin Vriesde, but they also their brand new studio album „Slaughtered“ to be released late June via Season Of Mist. Northern German Death Metallers DESPONDENCY complete the bill.

Please take notice and spread the new flyer!

Dew-Scented, Severe Torture & Despondency
Friday 04.06.2010 Bremen (Germany) – Tower / “Invocation” CD Release Show


PS: Check out some new live pics from Portugal in our Myspace photo-galleries!

Dew-Scented – „Invocation“ CD Release Konzert am 4. Juni – Wichtige Änderung:

Norddeutschlands Vorzeige-Thrasher DEW-SCENTED veröffentlichen am 21. Mai ihr neues Album “Invocation” über Metal Blade Records in Deutschland. Zur Feier des Anlasses werden DEW-SCENTED eine spezielle Release-Show am Freitag, 4. Juni in Bremens “Tower” spielen.

Leider mussten die zuvor angekündigten God Dethroned wegen terminlicher Unpässlichkeit kurzfristig wieder absagen, aber wir können nun mit Stolz verkünden, dass unsere langjährigen Freunde und 2008-Tourpartner SEVERE TORTURE aus Holland als Ersatz spielen werden.

SEVERE TORTURE haben nicht nur den ehemaligen DEW-SCENTED Session-Klampfer Marvin Vriesde in ihren Reihen, sondern veröffentlichen ende Juni auch ihr neues Studio-Album „Slaughtered“ über Season Of Mist. Die friesischen Death Metaller DESPONDENCY runden den Abend, bei dem im Anschluss an das Konzert auch noch die Kerosene / Mayhem With Mercy Metaldisko im Tower stattfindet, ‚gefühlvoll’ ab – eine Reise nach Bremen lohnt sich also!

Bitte verbreitet diese News und den neuen Konzertflyer!

Dew-Scented, Severe Torture & Despondency
Freitag 04.06.2010 Bremen (Germany) – Tower / “Invocation” CD Release Show
Einlass: 19 Uhr / Beginn: 20 Uhr


PS: Schaut euch mal einige neue Live-Photos aus Portugal in den Myspace Photo-Alben an!

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Reveal “Invocation” Cover Artwork; Announce CD-Release Concert; Return from Portugal!

April 1st, 2010

Thrash Metallers DEW-SCENTED are proud to reveal the front cover artwork for their new album “Invocation”, to be released May 24th, 2010 in Europe via Metal Blade Records and May 25th, 2010 in North America via Prosthetic Records. The artwork was created by the band’s longterm partner Björn / and can be viewed here:

Vocalist Leif Jensen comments: “We were lucky to work with Björn / Killustrations again and he did an amazing job on this one, nailing down an apocalyptic artwork that fits perfectly to our style as well as the concept/vibe of ‚Invocation’. Total Thrash! We have been working with Killustrations non-stop for all our albums and merchandising matters since 2003’s release ‚Impact’ and are once more very proud of the final results!”

“Invocation” will contain 12 songs in its regular edition. Here is the exact track-listing:

DEW-SCENTED – Invocation:
1. Downfall (Instrumental)
2. Arise From Decay
3. The Invocation
4. Have No Mercy On Us
5. Artificial Life
6. Condemnation
7. Totem (Instrumental)
8. Torn To Shreds
9. Revel In Contempt
10. A Critical Mass
11. Global Hysteria
12. Slaves Of Consent

Furthermore, DEW-SCENTED have just announced a very special ‚Invocation’ album release show in Bremen / Northern Germany at the ‚Tower’ club, where the band already presented their previous album ‚Incinerate’ back in 2007. The concert will take place on Friday, June 4th, 2010 and next to an especially long D-S set, the show will also feature legendary Death-Thrash Metallers and labelmates God Dethroned from The Netherlands as well as local Northern German Death Metal friends Despondency. The club’s traditional Metal Disco will run after the show as well and the low-priced tickets for the gig will start to be pre-sold as of next week, so look out!

FR 04.06.2010 Bremen (Germany) – Tower / Invocation CD Release Show
+ God Dethroned & Despondency

In other news, DEW-SCENTED just returned from an intense weekend on shows in Portugal (Porto and Moita Metal Fest) and the trip was nothing but a pleasure, with fantastic crowd reactions! We will have some photos, video links and a brief report available in the coming days! Greetings to everyone who made it such a killer time!

More news on ‚Invocation’ coming up the next days…

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