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Ending 2009 with style!

December 30th, 2009


A last message for this year, just coming back home from some intense days of DEW-SCENTED rehearsals. We are currently working our way through 12 new own songs and some extra tracks. The album recordings are coming up in February. Can’t wait…

And, even though DEW-SCENTED didn’t realease any own new music (or maybe actually because of that, haha!), there was a ton of other great new stuff released in 2009. Here is an overview (in no particular order!) with some of the bands / albums we enjoyed ourselves, recommending you to give these a listen:

Leif (Vocals):

* Sacrifice – „The Ones I Condemn“
Probably the best Thrash Metal record 2009! Welcome back, guys! Those riffs KILL and Rob’s vocals are amazing!
* Raised Fist – „Veil Of Ignorance“
Amazing energy, live and on record! Great follow-up to their „Sound Of The Republic“ masterpiece!
* Heaven And Hell – „The Devil You Know“
Can’t go wrong with DIO and good riffs!
* Asphyx – „Death…The Brutal Way“
Old-school Death Metal returns at its heaviest!
* The Gaslight Anthem – „The `59 Sound“
Technically a 2008 release but I only discovered its class this year!
* Behemoth – „Evangelion“
The masters of modern extreme Death/Black Metal! Amazing production!
* Delain – „April Rain“
It’s probably the title track alone that did it for me! Yeah…Poppy Gothic Metal, but good!
* Paramore – „Brand New Eyes“
High level of infectious catchiness here…
* Megadeth – „Endgame“
Fine return to form and loads of classy shredding!
* Vektor – „Black Future“
Just discovering this great new technical Thrash Metal outfit. Check:

Alex (Bass):

* Raised Fist – „Veil Of Ignorance“
* The Black Eyed Peas – „The E.N.D.“
* Baroness – „Blue Record“
* Heaven And Hell – „The Devil You Know“
* Alice In Chains – „Black Gives Way To Blue“
* Vomitory – „Carnage Euphoria“
* Despondency – „Revelation IV (Rise of The Nemesis)“
* Behemoth – „Evangelion“

Michael (Guitar):

* The Empire Shall Fall – „Awaken“
* Journey – „Revelation“
Technically a 2008 release but I only discovered it for me this year!
* Chevelle – „Vena Sera“
Not brand-new either…
* Cynic – „Traced In Air“
Again, from 2008 but still on heavy rotation here!

Martin (Guitar):

* COG – „Sharing space“
* Inme – „Herald Moth“
* Hardcore Superstar – „Beg For It“
* Motorjesus – „100.000 Volt Survivor“ EP
* Paradise Lost – „Faith Divides Us – Death Unites Us“
* Switchtense – „Confrontation Of Souls“
* Mastodon – „Crack The Skye“
* Slayer – „World Painted Blood“
* Kiss – „Sonic Boom“
* Megadeth – „Endgame“
* Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster – „III“
* Heaven And Hell – „The Devil You Know“

Marc (Drums):

* Chickenfoot – „Chickenfoot“
* Katatonia – „Night Is The New Day“
* Nile – „Those Whom The Gods Detest“
* Behemoth – „Evangelion“
* Megadeth – „Endgame“
* Slayer – „World Painted Blood“
* Trap Them – „Seizures In Barren Praise“
Technically from 2008 but only on my top list this year!
* Sacrifice – „The Ones I Condemn“
* Vomitory – „Carnage Euphoria“
* Heaven And Hell – „The Devil You Know“

And, did you know that DEW-SCENTED vocalist Leif did some guest appearances for other bands’ recordings in 2009?! He can currently be heard doing background vocals on two songs of the new album „The Essence Of Anger“ by fellow german Thrash Metallers CONTRADICTION ( as well as on the new song „Suffer The Wreck“ by former touring buddies HURTLOCKER from Chicago / USA ( Check them both out!

OK, now better make sure to head out and celebrate the ending of another year and look out for a heavy 2010!

Be well,


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Shows with Bolt Thrower!

December 24th, 2009

Hey there!

Just wanted to briefly spread the good news that Dew-Scented have been confirmed to support the mightly Bolt Thrower for some selected shows in April – May 2010!
Check and for more details!
We are thrilled to be finally teaming up with Bolt Thrower, a truly original band which we don’t only admire for their musical integrity but also for their very unique DIY take on music business and touring approach.
Having our greek friends Rotting Christ along for all shows as well as old school Death Metal legends Asphyx for some of the gigs will make this a great event for all supporters of extreme Metal.

These are the shows Dew-Scented will be part of:

TH 29.04. Enschede (The Netherlands) – Atak
+ Bolt Thrower, Asphyx & Rotting Christ

FR 07.05. Paris (France) – Le Trabendo
+ Bolt Thrower, Rotting Christ & Trepalium

SA 08.05. Lyon (France) – CCO
+ Bolt Thrower, Rotting Christ & Obnoxious

SU 09.05. Antwerpen (Belgium) – Trix (Hof Ter Lo)
+ Bolt Thrower, Rotting Christ & Support Act TBC

SU 16.05. Luxembourg (Luxembourg) – Kulturfabrik
+ Bolt Thrower, Asphyx & Rotting Christ

Yes, this means Dew-Scented are still available for suitable shows on SA 01.05., FR 14.05. and SA 15.05. Get in touch if you can seriously help!

Furthermore we can now reveal the first two festivals confirmed for Dew-Scented in 2010:

FR 30.04. Tilburg (The Netherlands) – 013 / Neurotic Deathfest 2010
+ Bolt Thrower, Carcass, Dying Fetus, Immolation, Napalm Death, Lock Up, Six Feet Under, Aborted, Beneath The Massacre, Benighted, Pestilence, etc.

SA 05.06. Protzen (Germany) – Protzen Open Air
+ God Dethroned, Asphyx, Dead, Verdict, Demonical, Tortharry, Gorilla Monsoon, Post Mortem, Gorezone, Pestilent, My Cold Embrace, etc.

More coming up soon!

Other than that, we are currently still working on the new material for the soon to be recorded new Dew-Scented album…

Enough said — we gotta run now and hide for/from X-Mas! Happy holidays, everyone!


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December 3rd, 2009


Hey everone!

Why lie? We have been ‚slow’ and also distracted as far as public relations

But that’s because we are busy…

First of all, thanks to everyone who attended and shared some good times at the last bunch of shows we played. Especially returning to our former D-S home-base Braunschweig to meet our old companions in the other bands (Disbelief, Fleshcrawl and Undertow) but also in the audience (Flo and Antek – Good luck launching Nemesis Love Cult!) was pretty cooll! Playing in Reutlingen again after some years was nice too…Cheers to Casket and our buddies Jagger, Schenk and Bomber for the fun halloween evening! Oh and i shouldn’t forget the killer day at Way Of Darkness festival in Lichtenfels!
Seeing and meeting up again with Cannibal Corpse, Malevolent Creation, Obscura and many more was FUN and wow, what a huge amount of people and good drinks, hahaha! This one ruled and we can’t wait to come back!

Most recently, DEW-SCENTED has been spending time incarcerated in the rehearsal room bunker working on new material for the next album. We did some really good studio pre-production recordings in the Summer and are now soon to complete the songwriting for our 8th studio release! We have booked Soundlodge Studios for February 2010 and will have Jörg Uken (God Dethroned, Obscenity, Despondency, Sinister, etc) work on getting us the heaviest sound possible. Jörg hasn’t only already worked with D-S numerous times before as our live-sound engineer but he also recorded „Incinerate“. That said, the quality he reached on the new pre-production kills all the way!!! The new material is turning out really strong…very direct, refreshing and of course super aggressive! We nailed down 2 new songs this weekend and now there’s only another couple of songs left to go. We have also finally agreed on the choice of bonus cover songs. Expect some cool surprises…

Some new song titles? „Arise From Decay“, „Artificial Life“, „Condemnation“, „Revel In Contempt“ are some of the first confirmed…

Here are some pics from us rehearsing this weekend (yeah some bands actually still rehearse, hahaha)…

Aaaaaand two final shows for DEW-SCENTED this year: December 11th, Pirmasens / Germany and December 12th, Lucerne / Switzerland.

Come out and pre-celebrate X-Mas with us!

CU soon,

LJ / D-S

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