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Rock City Festival in Romania NOT happening!

August 17th, 2009
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Hey everybody,

Bad news and a gentle warning: The Rock City open air festival ( that Dew-Scented was scheduled to be part of this coming weekend in Romania is NOT taking place! While “postponing” doesn’t mean much to us at this stage without knowing further details, we can only point out that we are extremely disappointed by this unfortunate turn of events! Especially frustrating is the fact that it wasn’t the first time we were let down on a Romanian event this year…it wasn’t fun at all to see Dew-Scented announced to be part of a another festival in February 2009 alongside Sepultura and The Sorrow without actually been (booked) there to play. So yeah, as much as we would like to come over and finally debut playing live in Romania, it just simply doesn’t seem to be happening! And it’s not even any of our fault!

In slightly better news: We had an amazing run of shows this Summer and would like to thank everyone who helped us with the gigs or who came out to share a good evening with us! While we are still spending most of our time working on new material right now (sounding sweet, btw!), we have some few shows coming up later this year which we look forward to! Promoters interested in booking Dew-Scented for 2010, please get in touch with us asap since we are already well underway with next year’s calendar! Ehhhr, but please only contact to book us if you actually really plan to make a show happen ;-)

Stay heavy,

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