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Hell(as) awaits!

February 24th, 2009
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So what’s the news?! Well, we keep working and thrashing, basically!? ;-)

The year 2009 started out with some cool shows (special “thank you” to the people at Hard Metal fest in Portugal for having us!) and we would like to mention that we appreciate everybody of you for the continued support as well as for giving the new guys in the band a fine welcome. Cheers!

For the time being, we’ll mainly remain “quiet” on the surface, as we are currently focused on working on new songs. And we’ll spend as much time and energy as demanded to make the new material turns out killer! We will do some basic pre-production in June, so we will probably be able to tell you
some more by then…

We will still be playing some shows casually as well of course. Next up and this week: A first-ever trip to Greece where we will play two shows…
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