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Dew-Scented news February 2012

February 16th, 2012

Guess what… studio time!
But in the meantime we can already announce the first shows for 2012:

SA 09.06.2012 Hauptmannsgrün (Germany) – 10. Chronical Moshers Open Air

+ Sodom, Disbelief, Lay Down Rotten, Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult, Purgatory, Switchtense, etc.

FR 20.07.2012 Rotenburg / Wümme (Germany) – Metalsplash Festival V

+ Sodom, War From A Harlots Mouth, Drone, Criminal, Mob Rules, etc.

SA 21.07.2012 Steinbach-Langenbach / Suhl (Germany) – Queens Of Metal Festival 2012

+ Exodus, Pain, Grave Digger, JBO, Suffocation, Powerwolf, Criminal, Origin, Suicidal Angels, etc.

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What’s going on…?!

October 16th, 2011
DEW-SCENTED 2011 at Brutal Assault Festival, Czech Republic

DEW-SCENTED 2011 at Brutal Assault Festival, Czech Republic

Greetings Thrashers!

As you will have already noticed by now, things are rather quiet for DEW-SCENTED in the public eye. However, things are actually turbulent and challenging behind closed doors, so we wanted to give you a brief update with what’s going on…

New studio album:
Earlier this year we had decided to stop playing shows (apart from a handful of pre-scheduled summer festivals) until at least spring 2012 in order to re-group and to prepare a next studio album recording session. In fact, that’s what is mainly keeping us busy right now. We are making good progress and are already up to song idea number 8. Some truly killer stuff coming up and quite some surprises along the way too. If all stays according to our masterplan, we would have a new release available by mid of next year!

Live shows:
We are soon to announce our next live dates, starting out April 2012! The first confirmed gig has already come in: We are playing at the comeback edition of the “Queens Of Metal” open air festival, taking place July 19 – 21, 2012 in Steinbach-Langenbach (nearby Suhl), Germany. Other bands already confirmed to appear are Exodus, Powerwolf, Vader, Milking The Goatmachine, Dark Age, Criminal and many more. Check out further details here.

South American Invocation:
At long last, the “Invocation” album will be officially and domestically released in South America in the coming weeks. More details will be announced soon, but we are happy to have finally found good partners down there, also for future releases.

Wacken live compilation:
We are pleased to mention that DEW-SCENTED are part of the “Live At Wacken Open Air 2010” 2-CD compilation album, recently released via Golden Core / ZYX. We’ve got 100% live-versions of the two (!) songs “Arise From Decay” and “Never To Return” from our powerful 2010 Wacken show featured on there alongside bands like Arch Enemy, Anvil, Fear Factory, Unleashed, Lock Up, Orphaned Land, UDO, Voivod, Die Apokalyptischen Reiter, Rotting Christ and many more. Check out more details here.



Necrodeath guest appearance:
DEW-SCENTED’s Leif Jensen is happy to announce that he is featured with some guest vocals on the upcoming “Idiosyncrasy” (Could have been a D-S album title, damn…haha!) album by Italian blackened Thrash Metal legends Necrodeath. Needless to say, this appearance is both an honour and a pleasure! Necrodeath were one of the earliest obscure European thrash bands that Leif discovered when he started to listen to extreme metal and their “Into The Macabre” (1987) and “Fragments Of Insanity” (1989) albums are real classics. Leif first connected with Necrodeath’s drummer Peso when his later band Sadist toured with DEW-SCENTED in 1996 and their paths crossed last time by the end of 2010 when Peso’s Ghostrider (pre-Necrodeath outfit, now re-united) played a show with DEW-SCENTED nearby Milano. Necrodeath’s new album will be released October 25th, 2011 via Scarlet records.

Here is a trailer for the release.

Check out more details on the band’s official website.

Want to check out some recent live-shots? Here are some good ones taken at Party.San Open Air by Daniel / Live Frenzy.

OK, guess that’s all for now…we will be back with more details about the upcoming album soon! In the meantime let us hint you on some really good new albums recently released by Havok (“Time Is Up”), Fleshgod Apocalypse (“Agony”) and Warbringer (“Worlds Torn Asunder”). Also, Vektor have their second album (“Outer Isolation”) coming up in November too and first online samples are promising it to be yet another fantastic record! Go check those bands out…they all deserve your attention and support!

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A-Lex Contest

September 21st, 2011

Guys, thanks for the quick run of feedback to the latest band-news and the merch contest.

Bad news and free stuff always seems to attract people, hahaha.

Anyways, the winners will get some message in the coming days.

Please note that as of now (8 AM CET on September 21st 2011) new entries will no longer count!

Keep it heavy!

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Guess what?! An era has come to an end!

September 20th, 2011
Photo: DEW-SCENTED at Party.San Open Air, August 11th, 2011.

Photo: DEW-SCENTED at Party.San Open Air, August 11th, 2011.
From Left to Right: Michi (guit.), Alex (bass), Leif (vox), Marc-Andree (drums), Michael (lead guit.)

After almost 10 years of loyal service to the great Thrash Metal cause, bassist Alexander „Alex“ Pahl (second from left on the photo above) decided to leave DEW-SCENTED.

He comments his move as follows: „People, I am out of here, bye-bye!“.

Rumours about his reasoning are on an absolute high, so we are happy to offer you a chance to win free D-S merchandise if you nail the correct answer from the following bunch:

a) He ran out of coffee

b) He will dedicate to family life and low profile grind projects

c) He chose to wait for a chance to join Kreator, Sodom, Destruction or other even more successful acts

d) He lost his trademark Poison Idea stage-shirt and can no longer perform live without it

e) Personal differences between the bandmembers

f) He might start a new band with ex D-S members Flo, Hendrik and Uwe soon.

The first three correct submissions will receive a free band shirt as well as a special poster signed by Alex with a personal dedication! Write us to:
contact [at] dew-scented [dot] com

DEW-SCENTED would like to thank Alex for the good times and wish him all the best for his future projects and activities!

Furthermore, Ingo Hate from the respected Burn Out! Magazine adds: „This is a truly sad turn of events! An icon and one of the few remaining ‘characters’ leaves the spotlight and will most likely be sorely missed! Alex, in the name of the entire Metal movement: We salute you!“

After having successfully performed the last shows for 2011 at last month’s Party.San and Brutal Assault festivals, DEW-SCENTED will now retire from the public eye until early next year in order to focus on composing a next studio album, tentatively to be released before the summer 2012.

Next year marks the 20th anniversary for DEW-SCENTED (even though most people will find the 10th anniversary of the 2002 album release „Inwards” more remarkable…), so we are determined to make it a very special year for everyone! We will keep you posted about any progress in the coming weeks…

Take care and be good to each other,

PS: We are about to freeze our MySpace profile (to concentrate only on Facebook…). Any objections?

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More festival appearances confirmed for the Summer of 2011!

June 10th, 2011

Hey Thrashers!

The summer season and all its festival madness is getting started over here now, so we thought it would be good timing to check in with some short news…

Things are still rather quiet on the DEW-SCENTED front and that has to do with us working on new song material in the background. The first ideas for the next album are being written as I type this, so hopefully it will be a good flow and entertaining creative process in the coming months?!

Nevertheless, we have recently confirmed two more Summer festival shows, making it a total of 4 live shows coming up for 2011. Make sure to catch/meet us at Ragnarock Open Air / Germany on Friday, July 15th and at Dong Open Air / Germany on Saturday, July 16th. One month later, we will be appearing at Party.San Open Air / Germany on Thursday, August 11th and at Brutal Assault Festival / Czech Republic on Friday, August 12th.

Other than that, we can proudly announce that DEW-SCENTED vocalist Leif appears as special guest doing some vocals for the track “The Legacy Of Hate” on the self-titled second album release by our friends Switchtense from Portugal. Check out this killer band here: (album trailer)

Additionally, we would like to inform you that the new issue of Germany’s leading alternative rock magazine Visions ( doesn’t only come with a “Big 4” cover-story, but it also includes a promotional compilation CD dubbed “Metal Massacre 2011”, featuring the new breed of current Thrash Metal bands like Legion Of The Damned, Warbringer, Municipal Waste, Evile or also Suicidal Angels. DEW-SCENTED are featured on there as well with the Slayer cover-version of “War Ensemble”. We originally recorded this about 10 years ago as Japanese bonus track for the “Inwards” album release and are obviously happy to have been selected for such cool tribute release and for a new audience! Go grab your copy of the magazine in stores NOW!

OK guys, guess that’s all for now…but see you on some sunny field of/for Metal sometime soon!

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